Egypt’s Edita Food Industries to build a factory in Morocco

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Edita Food Industries. / DR

Edita Food Industries, a leader in the Egyptian snack food market, said Monday that its subsidiary Edita Food Industries Morocco has obtained a MAD80 million loan from the Arab Bank to finance the construction of a factory in Morocco. The loan will also be used to purchase equipment and launch the production line, Masrawy wrote.

Edita Food Industries Morocco, a joint venture with Dislog Group, was created in December 2017 to boost Edita’s manufacturing and technical industry experience and competitive products combined with Dislog’s extensive distribution network and logistical strength.

In October 2019, Edita Food Industries Morocco signed an agreement with the Moroccan government to receive MAD15 million.

Edita Food Industries was founded in 1996 and it is a leading company in the production, manufacture, marketing and distribution of snack and pastry products.

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