Mosaic seeks countervailing duty investigations into phosphate fertilizer imports from Morocco

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The Mosaic Company. / DR

The Mosaic Company, an American company which mines phosphate and potash, tabled a petition targeting phosphate fertilizers imported into the United States from Morocco and Russia.

According to World Fertilizer, the company has requested the initiation of countervailing duty investigations into imports of phosphate fertilizers carried out in particular by the OCP group.

To justify this measure, the company explained that «large volumes of unfairly subsidized imports from Morocco and Russia are causing significant harm to its operations».

«The purpose of the petitions is to remedy the distortions that foreign subsidies are causing in the US market for phosphate fertilizers, and thereby restore fair competition», the same source wrote.

«Mosaic believes in free trade and vigorous competition, and we believe we should compete on a level playing field», said Mosaic President and CEO Joc O'Rourke. «The duties we are seeking will help ensure that North American farmers can rely on the American phosphate industry to supply critical fertilizers for the long term», he added.

The United States Department of Commerce and the US International Trade Commission will consider the petitions.

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