The lockdown inspires a Moroccan into creating futuristic 3D videos

His futuristic videos went viral on social media during the last couple of weeks, when many young people were trying to go through a long and challenging lockdown. Ahmed Hammas, originally from Nador, plans to work in the cinema industry and make use of his incredible skills.

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Ahmed Hammas in a video he shot during the lockdown. / Ph. Ahmed Hammas

Zombies in a shopping mall, gas cylinders delivered by a drone during the lockdown and a flying taxi for a ride to zone 1. All of these scenarios are coming from the imagination of Ahmed Hammas and his viral videos.

Using his special effects and 3D animation skills, this Nador-born has been posting his videos online, making the lockdown and the current situation a little more bearable. Making use of his talent, Ahmed has been a huge fan of special effects and 3D animation for years. «After high school, I started mastering image processing softwares such as Photoshop», he said. A skill that allowed him to secure his first job at a communication agency based in Nador.

Two years later, Ahmed Hammas opted for graduate studies specializing in computer graphics and 3D animation. He joined LaSalle College in Rabat, where he spent three years training before returning to his hometown.

Translating ideas into creative videos

However, «since his area of expertise was not a thing in Nador», the young man started developing interest in cinema and videography. Meeting a producer, writer and director who works with the National Broadcasting Corporation (SNRT) for films changed his life. «Mohamed Bouzaggou trusted me and offered to work with him», Ahmed recalls.

«I worked on the effects and color grading of a cinematographic film, then a year later on the Nigrou series (broadcast by Tamazight TV in 2018, editor's note). For the past two years, we have worked on the feature film Khamiss 1984 as well as a new series».

Ahmed Hammas

And in addition to a fairly busy professional life, Ahmed Hammas doesn’t spare a moment to embrace his creativity. Since the start of the lockdown, he has «been translating ideas into videos posted on social media».

«We were at home and had to go shopping. Since we couldn't get out and the gas bottle had to be changed, an uncle laughed at me saying : you who work with drones, why not use one to bring us a new gas bottle ? So I thought of the idea and the video went viral on social media», he proudly told Yabiladi.

Talking to Moroccans with special effects

Another one followed the gas cylinder video, one day after Morocco announced that it was easing lockdown measures. «The day after the announcement which divided Morocco into two zones with different containment measures, people were wondering about traveling and intercity travel», Ahmed said.

«If it was a simple car, it would not have had that many people react to it. It is precisely because it is a large, flying taxi that fits the reality of the moment and it was appreciated and shared. It also allows me to talk about this art and reach a wider audience».

Ahmed Hammas

The Nador-native believes that young 3D artists in Morocco need this kind of encouragement. Most of them «do not find opportunities to showcase their talents and exhibit their works», he regretted. «The big companies already have their experts and often call on foreign ones», he stressed.

Ahmed Hammas. / DRAhmed Hammas. / DR

The young professional sees it as a «trust issue» between bosses and young creatives, recalling that these works «require time and a lot of effort» in addition to «creativity and the ability of translating ideas into projects».

Today, Ahmed Hammas is thinking big, and is currently preparing three short films. «It will probably be a co-production, with a good part of 3D animation and special effects. I have always wanted to integrate the cinema industry, especially since Moroccans appreciate new things», he said. «I thought that special effects and 3D would not interest many people but I was really wrong», he jokingly concluded.

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