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Moroccans living abroad arrive in Ceuta in an attempt to enter Morocco when the border reopens

Moroccans living in France parked in Ceuta, awaiting for the border with Morocco to reopen. / DR
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Moroccans residing in France have arrived in Ceuta, waiting for the border with Morocco to open. According to El Faro de Ceuta, they hope to be part of the first group to rejoin the kingdom.

«These people came from France, more precisely from Paris, the French capital. They crossed the entire peninsula by car to return to Morocco», the same source said.

They told El Faro TV that they had made a «long but a good trip». These Moroccans plan to stay in Ceuta until the border is opened so that they can cross to Morocco.

In a survey carried out by C&O Marketing in partnership with Yabiladi, 54% of Moroccans living abroad intend to return to Morocco this summer. 8 out of 10 Moroccans living abroad had initially planned a summer vacation in Morocco before the pandemic and more than half of them still want to do it.

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