Reopening of borders in Morocco : Who, what, where, when, and how to enter the Kingdom ?

After it announced the gradual and prudent opening of the borders by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Morocco, many of you asked questions about the ins and outs of this decision. We have put together your questions and tried to answer some of them.

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After a four-month-long travel ban due to the coronavirus health crisis, Morocco is finally reopening its borders. Gradual and cautious, the decision was announced, Wednesday, by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Yabiladi is replying to a series of questions that were sent following the decision by Moroccans living in the Kingdom, Moroccans living abroad and foreigners, including those based in the country.

When will we be able to travel to / from Morocco ?

From July 14 at midnight, or simply starting from July 15 at 12:01 am. You can therefore take the first flight or the first boat from that day.

Since there is a start date, is there an end date ? I'm afraid of getting stuck in Morocco ...

We must first understand the context: This is not a summer promotional offer but a gradual and cautious return to normal after four months of border closure. The ministry stressed that Moroccans living abroad who would enter the Kindgom during this period will be able to leave it.

Who can travel ?

All Moroccans with a residence card living abroad and their families (even if they are foreign) can visit Morocco. The objective of this decision is to allow Moroccans living abroad to reunite with their families in Morocco, especially after this long and severe health crisis.

All Moroccans and foreigners stranded abroad or in Morocco are also targeted by the decision. This therefore includes Moroccans and foreigners residing in Morocco and currently stranded abroad, as well as Moroccans living abroad and foreigners stranded in Morocco.

It's complicated, but who is excluded then ?

Simply put, foreign tourists will not be able to come to Morocco. And Moroccans or foreigners residing in Morocco will not be able to travel outside, according to a well-informed source within the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

What about students who will have to join another country in the coming weeks ?

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs said on Thursday evening that students newly admitted to foreign universities, businessmen and citizens forced to leave Morocco for medical purposes as well as foreigners residing in Morocco, must have an exceptional authorization issued by the competent parties to leave the country.

I am a French national living in Morocco but stranded in France. How to make sure I would not be considered a tourist ?

You can enter Morocco by showing your residence card as a Moroccan resident as well as your foreign passport.

I live in Belgium, I am dual national, but I haven't renewed my Moroccan passport ...

In the absence of a Moroccan passport, you can travel with your European passport, but you will absolutely need your national identity card to prove that you are a Moroccan.

I am Moroccan but my spouse / my children are foreigners. Can we come to Morocco ?

If you are a Moroccan living abroad and married to a foreigner your family can travel with you.

I am Moroccan, can I come via Algeciras (Spain) ?

Spanish ports are excluded from the plan. The same goes for the border crossings of Ceuta and Melilla.

In this case, are Moroccans in Spain excluded ?

No. They can travel by air or for car enthusiasts : go back to Sète in France and board a ferry.

Which countries are included / excluded from the decision ?

According to RAM, the countries covered by the operation are France, Spain, Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, the United Kingdom, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Algeria, Tunisia, Mauritania, Ivory Coast, Senegal, Canada, the United States, Russia.

For maritime travel, only France and Italy can secure that through the ports of Sète and Genoa.

Which airlines can fly to / from Morocco ?

According a source from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, only the national companies, namely Royal Air Maroc and Air Arabia are authorized to operate flights to and from Morocco. We do not know if it will be extended to foreign airlines. These are special flights, so you should keep yourself informed of timetables, prices and travel conditions on the websites of these two companies.

Do I have to observe a quarantine period when I arrive ?

The health protocol for anyone entering Morocco during the state of health emergency has recently been changed. There is no longer a mandatory quarantine period in a hotel. You must provide a negative Covid-19 test conducted less than 48 hours upon boarding. Health authorities may perform a medical test and examination upon arrival and recommend that you observe a quarantine at home.

PCR test and / or serological test ?

Both tests are mandatory. You will therefore have to undergo both tests at the same time a few days before your departure. 

Aboard a ferry, the PCR test would defacto not have respected the 48-hour requirement prior to entering the country ?

In fact, a second PCR test will be carried out on board.

Are children also subjected to Covid-19 tests ?

According to Royal Air Maroc, children under the age of 11 are exempt from testing.

And when leaving, should I provide a new Covid-19 test ?

No, the negative test certificate is required only when entering the Moroccan territory. On the other hand, each country has its own health protocol. Hence, it is always a good idea to enquire about the protocol implemented by your country of residence.

Other questions ?

Feel free to ask your questions in the comments section and we will try to answer them. This article will be updated with additional information which will be communicated to us by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Article modified on : 2020/07/10 19h16