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Morocco announces the end of the repatriation operation of Moroccans stranded abroad

Foreign Affairs Minister Nasser Bourita. / DR
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Foreign Affairs Minister announced, Thursday, the end of the exceptional operation launched to repatriate Moroccans stranded abroad because of the coronavirus health crisis.

Speaking to MedRadio, Nasser Bourita recalled that Morocco launched this «human operation to repatriate Moroccans in vulnerable situations». «It allowed us to bring home 10,000 Moroccans», he added.

«Today, we are working on another operation. Morocco will allow all Moroccans to return to their country, through Royal Air Maroc, Air Arabia and through ferries», he said. He announced «a the start of a new phase that will be marked by a new health protocol, which no longer includes confinement and which remains more flexible».  

«This measure has two objectives: to allow stranded Moroccans to return to their country and to maintain ties with Moroccans living abroad».

Nasser Bourita

However, the announcement of this new exceptional operation is a problem to Moroccan workers stranded in Spain. More than 7,000 Moroccan women who are stranded in the province of Huelva since the beginning of this year can’t afford traveling to Morocco through the ports authorized to operate ferries to the Kingdom.

They must go to France or Italy, or get RAM air tickets, which may be expensive, from Spain, knowing that the majority of Moroccans stranded abroad are already running out of resources.

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