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Foreign residents in Morocco can leave for holidays

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After Morocco announced the gradual opening of its borders for the travel of Moroccans and foreigners residing in the Kingdom, one point remained unclear. Can foreigners residing in Morocco leave the Kingdom for holidays in their countries and then return ?

This question was so hard to answer, based on the two communiqués released by the authorities on the matter, that the French Embassy advised its nationals residing in Morocco not to travel.

A source from the Foreign Affairs Ministry told Yabiladi, Friday, that foreign nationals residing in Morocco will be able to leave the country and come back as long as they have a residence card. A source within Royal Air Maroc confirmed the same thing. The same source added that an authorization from the local authorities will have to be requested beforehand.

To put it in other words, people who have a foreign passport and a Morocco resident card can travel from July 15 to August 31. The decision also includes dual-nationals, who hold a Moroccan and a foreign passport.

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