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Awaiting repatriation, Moroccan seasonal workers test negative for the coronavirus

Moroccan seasonal workers in Spain underwent PCR tests that truned out negative. / Ph. Jordi Landero - Lepe
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Moroccan workers in Spain, awaiting repatriation, have all tested negative for the coronavirus. According to local online newspaper Huelva Informacion, these seasonal workers, expected to head home on Saturday, underwent PCR tests that turned out to be all negative.

The seasonal workers will be transferred by bus and subjected to strict health security checks to avoid any external contact once examined, it added.

The workers, who came to Spain to pick fruits as part of an agreement between the Kingdom and the Iberian Peninsula, will be repatriated by sea to the country as of Saturday.

Thus, in 10 days, all Moroccan seasonal workers could return home, after months of waiting.

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