Spain to build a camp for migrant strawberry pickers, mainly from Morocco

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Spain will be building a camp for migrant strawberry pickers after a UN official slammed the country for letting seasonal farm workers live in «inhumane» conditions, Reuters reports, quoting the Spanish government.

On Friday, the UN special rapporteur on extreme poverty and rights, Olivier De Schutter urged Spain «to improve deplorable conditions in worker settlements before people died», referring to three fires that broke out in migrant shantytowns in Huelva.

One day later, a defense ministry spokeswoman said that troops were deployed on Saturday to build a camp for these workers, who are mostly Moroccan.

«An army logistics team has been sent to try to help prevent possible coronavirus outbreaks in settlements which are in precarious conditions after fires», she said.

«This reality of fires and inhumane conditions in the shanty towns cannot be tolerated any longer. The situation is deteriorating alarmingly each day, made worse amid the COVID-19 pandemic», the UN rapporteur said.

Earlier this month, the Spanish Health Ministry stated that people working in the fruit-picking industry are «vulnerable» to catching the coronavirus due to their living and working conditions.

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