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Spain and the Netherlands arrest members of the Mocro Maffia

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A joint operation conducted by Spain and the Netherlands led to the dismantling of a criminal network linked to Moroccan drug trafficking mafia (Mocro Maffia). Six people were arrested.

This operation led to the arrest of six people in the Netherlands for their alleged involvement in criminal actions with the use of explosive devices, in addition to a series of murders committed recently in the province of Malaga reports La Información.

The same source underlines that the vehicles were equipped «to immobilize and torture the captives, using anchored chains or chairs with straps». They also had sharp tools and fine material to injure captives, in addition to Dutch National Police uniforms and bulletproof vests.

EFE recalls that in April, the Spanish authorities received a request for collaboration in the investigation, led by the Dutch prosecution and the national court.

The investigation remains ongoing in both countries, in order to identify other suspects linked to the events and clarify cases of disappearances in the Netherlands, in addition to several killings in Spain.

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