Morocco : Tangier’s grand stadium to start receiving Covid-19 patients

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The increased number of coronavirus cases in Tangier has pushed the local authorities in the city to convert the Ibn Battuta stadium into a sortign center to accommodate Covid-19 patients.

According to local online newspaper Tanja24, coronavirus patients, from different neighborhoods, will be driven to the stadium. They will be gathered inside the stadium before being transferred to the field hospital located in the diplomatic forest or to other hospitals.

Quoting well-informed sources, the newspaper reveals that the stadium would thus become a special center for sorting and classifying patients.

For the record, the Mohammed VI hospital in Tangier has been overcrowded because of the large number of inhabitants who carry out screening tests for the coronavirus.

Last week, a new medical resuscitation unit was set up at the Tangier social security clinic , and will be supervised by a military medical team, made up of 48 doctors and nurses specializing in resuscitation, anesthesiology, epidemiology and virology.

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