Tindouf : Two Moroccans flee a Polisario Front prison

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Two Moroccan gold diggers escaped, Monday, a Polisario prison in the Tindouf camps. The third inmate was arrested while trying to flee.

For the record, the Polisario military court sentenced the three gold miners on June 3 to prison sentences ranging between six and seven years.

Ennassiri Abdelaziz, Rguibi Elkhaldi and Lehbib Kazaza were arrested in August 2019 by the Front while they were east of the Sand Wall.

Recently, drug traffickers from Mali fled a Polisario prison, leaving behind their cell companions. In September 2018, a group of 19 Moroccans also accused of drug trafficking succeeded in making a major escape from a Polisario jail.

Often, these operations are carried out with the help of guards and high-ranking officers in the ranks of the movement of Brahim Ghali.

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