Almost half of Moroccans are in favor of stronger economic ties with China

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A new survey conducted by the Arab Barometer, a central resource for quantitative research on the Middle East, revealed that «China’s influence across the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) has steadily been increasing».

According to the survey, nine of 12 countries surveyed as part of the Arab Barometer’s fifth wave, roughly half or more favor stronger economic relations with China.

In Morocco, 49% of the respondents said they favor stronger economic ties with China, while only 36% and 25% think the same in Algeria and Egypt, respectively. The same percentage reaches 70% in Jordan, and 63% in Libya and Tunisia.

56% of Moroccan interviewees said that foreign aid from China should increase. A rate that reaches 73% in Jordan, 38% in Algeria and 50% in Tunisia.

«Given these results, it is clear that China has a significant opportunity in the region», wrote the authors of the report, adding «citizens across MENA have warmly welcomed Chinese economic engagement and are open toward its foreign assistance».

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