Moroccan journalist Omar Radi accused of «rape»

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Moroccan journalist Omar Radi has been accused of alleged «rape and sexual assault». In a statement released, Wednesday, by the King’s Prosecutor, it was announced that a citizen had filed a complaint against the journalist.

Radi was brought before an investigating judge at the Casablanca Appeal Court on the same day, the same source added. The latter must thus investigate said allegations.

The journalist was placed in pre-trial detention, pending the investigation into charges of «rape and threatening national security».

Speaking to Yabiladi on Wednesday, Omar Radi’s lawyer Miloud Kandil said that his client is accused of «two charges, namely rape and sexual assault and threating the internal and external security of the State». 

«The investigating judge ordered the provisional detention of Mr. Omar Radi, scheduling the first for September 22».

«The defense will file in the coming days a request for provisional release, in accordance with the procedures, although it could be rejected. As a lawyer, I can say that these are not yet 'charges' but we will defend Omar Radi and prove that everything is false».

Last June, the King's prosecutor at the Casablanca Appeal Court announced that the journalist and activist had been summoned, as part of an investigation into his alleged involvement in a «foreign funding case, related to intelligence services». 

This case comes as international NGO Amnesty International said in a report that the journalist’s phone was targeted by Israeli spyware.

Article modified on : 2020/07/29 18h01

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