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In Milan, Italians mobilized for the repatriation of the remains of a Moroccan

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In June, a Moroccan man died after he was stabbed during an argument in Milan. Almost one month after the tragedy, the deceased’s family is finally allowed to repatriate his remains to Morocco. However, the family doesn’t have the means to do so.

According to local online newspaper Milano Today, a number of people have decided to raise funds for the Moroccan family and help it afford the repatriation. 

«To help his desperate Moroccan mother, the Italian friends of the murdered young man launched a fundraising campaign to bring him back to Morocco. A call that immediately went viral», the newspaper recalls.

The operation was launched by Amrita Ceravolo de Monza, head of the Foodforall association, which every Sunday makes and distributes food to the homeless at the Milan Central Station. It was among this group that he met Mouhssine, a 29-year-old Moroccan, who arrived in Italy at the end of November by the Balkan route.

Mouhssine was loved by the volunteers of said association, who want to guarantee his last trip and allow the repatriation of his remains.

Two weeks ago, the Moroccan authorities announced that the mortal remains of Moroccans who died abroad can be repatriated. 

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