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Moroccan businessman Rahal Boulgoute, potential buyer of Genoa football club

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Recently, the sale of the Genoa football club and its potential buyers have made headlines in Italy. «The one who gets the most attention is Rahal Boulgoute», Alphabet City reported on Wednesday. The Moroccan arrived in Italy at the age of 12. He is now the head of the Marita holding company, operating in medical research, design and real estate.

«His company also has a line of credit with the Islamic Development Bank and maintains good relations with the Moroccan royal family», the same source added.

As for the acquisition of the Genoa club, Rahal Boulgoute told La Gazzetta dello Sport that he had met Enrico Preziosi, president of the football club and «drafted a preliminary contract» which provides for the entry of the Moroccan into the company that owns the club.  

One of Preziosi's spokespersons revealed that the negotiation «is taking place at a distance, because Boulgoute has contracted Covid-19 and must remain in Morocco for the moment».

In the meantime Preziosi must bring together his partners in a general assembly to discuss the offer of the Moroccan entrepreneur who wants to acquire 28% of the company’s capital.

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