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New Zealand : Christchurch attacks trial scheduled for Thursday

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The trial of the supremacist, who opened fire on two mosques in March 2019 in Christchurch, is almost ending. The 29-year-old Australian terrorist has admitted killing 51 people after opening fire on men, women and children at the two mosques. The Christchurch court is expected to deliver the verdict on Thursday.

The man appeared on Monday unmoved by the stories of the survivors, the families of the victims and the judges, AFP reports. During the hearing, he «referred to his actions as terror attacks, saying they were motivated by his ideological beliefs and he intended to instill fear into those he described as 'invaders' including the Muslim population or more generally non-European immigrants».

Tarrant told the court that he started planning for the attacks in September 2017, when he obtained firearms license. He also said that before his arrest, he was heading to Ashburton to commit similar attacks.

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