The Polisario relaunches its project to populate the area east of the Sand Wall

The Polisario is launching a new campaign to populate the areas east of the security wall. Its launch comes two months after the adoption of a new resolution on the Sahara by the Security Council.

Polisario leader Brahim Ghali. / DR
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The Polisario is determined to «populate the liberated territories». An objective that was at the heart of a meeting that brought the Polisario’s general secretariat and members of its «government» together. Set up on Friday, August 21 in Tifariti, the meeting was marked by the intervention of Brahim Ghali. The choice of the venue is not fortuitous, since it is known to host the Front's congresses, whose 15th meeting was held in December 2019.

It seems that the separatist movement does not intend to stop there but plans to extend its project to areas located east of the security wall. «The assertion of the sovereignty of the Saharawi state also requires measures and decisions to build other places in the liberated territories», he said.

The day after Ghali's speech, a ministerial and military delegation arrived in M'Heriz. Yesterday, it stopped in Mijek and Bir Lahlou which the Polisario considers to be its «capital».

A political reading

These visits aiming at «the consolidation of Saharawi sovereignty in the territories, that is to say a greater and better administrative presence of SADR, and on the other hand reflect efforts made to make the life of the Saharawi people worthwhile : that is to say more and better social services for the population in the liberated territories», Mohamed Zrug, a Sahrawi «diplomat», told EFE.

This official acknowledged that the settlement project for these areas also «has a clear political meaning». It is a «manifestation of the Polisario's rejection of the current blockage which is opposed to a just and legal solution to the Sahrawi question», he explained. Installing the population of the Tindouf camps in the «liberated territories» is «the preferred solution to the other option consisting of resorting to resistance», he threatened.

In reality, this project is not a novelty : The Polisario already implemented it on April 23. For the record, a delegation from the Front's leadership led by Mohamed Lamine El Bouahli, the «minister-adviser to the presidency» and «head of the reserve army» had also made an inspection visit to all the localities east of the security wall to accommodate the Saharawi population.

In its resolution 2414, adopted on April 27, 2018, the Security Council said it was «concerned that the Polisario Front announced that it planned to move administrative functions to Bir Lahlou and asked it to refrain from engaging in such destabilizing acts». A call visibly ignored by the movement of Brahim Ghali.

In April, Morocco and the United Nations have not yet reacted to the relaunch of the Polisario settlement project in the areas east of the security wall.

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