Geert Wilders' conviction : Dutch-Moroccan NGOs both «satisfied and disappointed»

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Geert Wilders. / DR

The Euro-Mediterranean Migration and Development Center (EMCEMO) reacted on Friday to the conviction of Dutch politician Geert Wilders. The latter had a conviction upheld by The Hague Appeal Court for insulting Moroccans.

In a statement reached Yabiladi, the Amsterdam-based center announced that it is «both satisfied and disappointed».

«The Dutch-Moroccan community trusted the Dutch justice system and will always continue to do so, even if today there is a feeling of disappointment because court overturned Wilders’ conviction of inciting discrimination», writes the center.

For EMCEMO, this decision «ignores the law, in particular the jurisprudence of the Supreme Court on this point». The center also regrets that the Court of Appeal failed to impose a sanction on Geert Wilders.

In 2014, Wilders told the crowds that «the Hague should be a city with fewer problems, if possible, fewer Moroccans».

He then asked his followers whether they want more or fewer Moroccans in the city and they chanted repeating «fewer, fewer, fewer». Wilders responded saying : «We will take care of that». In December 2016, he was found guilty of «inciting discrimination against Dutch Moroccans». Wilders appealed later.

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