Western Sahara : The Polisario sends new ambassador to Nicaragua

The Polisario's new envoy to Nicaragua. / DR
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The Polisario Front sent, last week, a new envoy to Nicaragua. Wali Ami Aaali Salem presented his «credentials» to the Foreign Minister of Managua Denis Moncada Colindres.

During this meeting, the Nicaraguan Foreign Minister «affirmed that Nicaragua and the Sahrawi Republic have very strong fraternal historical ties, stressing the right of the Sahrawi people for self-determination and independence»,

This appointment comes after the death of Suleiman Tieb Henan, who until then served as the Polisario's envoy to Nicaragua.

This step comes also as the separatist movement is losing ground in Latin America, with several countries withdrawing recognition of the entity. Brahim Ghali's movement is trying to compensate by strengthening its ties with its allies on this continent.

Like Ecuador and Panama, Nicaragua froze in the 2000s its recognition of «SADR». Managua recognized the Polisario in September 1979 and resumed its relations with the movement a few years later.

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