Dutch-Moroccan mafia boss Ridouan Taghi says he was tortured by Moroccan and Emirati agents

The photos presented by Ridouan Taghi to back the torture allegations. / DR
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Arrested in December 2019 in Dubai, Moroccan-Dutch mafia boss Ridouan Taghi said that he was allegedly tortured before his extradition to the Netherlands. He said that «agents from Dubai and Morocco» had allegedly tortured him during the 72 hours that followed his arrest.

Dutch TV program EenVandaag released, Tuesday, photos that show the bruised face of Taghi. In a written statement, he said that he was «severely beaten» and was held in a «cold room and subjected to electric shocks». «I was lying flat on the ground and a gun was placed over my head. The officers said they were ordered to shoot me. After that, I was badly beaten», he wrote.

According to Taghi, the photos would have been «modified» to hide the bruises. «All the wounds on my face, like my broken nose, were photographed», he allegedly told the same source, based on an examination carried out by a doctor from the Netherlands Forensic Institute (NFI) on December 19, 2019.

On the day of his arrest, December 16 2019, Taghi was reportedly forcibly «kept awake for 72 hours» in the police station. «I was also tied ankles and hands, with a plastic blindfold over my eyes», he wrote.

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