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Spain : 39 Moroccans arrested for falsifying documents

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The Spanish National Police arrested 40 people, including 39 of Moroccan origin, for their alleged involvement in falsifying documents. The Spanish arrestee is also accused of «promoting illegal immigration», by falsifying official documents so that other people can be considered legal residents of Spain.

Local online newspaper Mallorca Diario reported on Wednesday that the facts had been uncovered by government immigration services, which identified documents suspected of being fake, which national police confirmed. This finding made it possible to discover a large number of requests for family reunification, in which the documents presented were found to be fake.

These operations would have been carried out in exchange for 500 to 3,500 euros per file, paid to the 50-year-old Spanish national.

With the fake documents, the other arrestees went to the offices of the Department of Labor and Immigration of the government delegation, to bring back relatives who had remained in Morocco.

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