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57% of young people in northern Morocco believe the coronvirus is a «biological weapon»

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A study conducted by the Northern Observatory for Human Rights on the coronavirus in Morocco revealed this week that 48% of young people consider the coronavirus a «biological weapon».

9% of respondents believe that it is a «biological weapon unintentional leaked from a laboratory».

On the other hand, 31% of them believe that SARS-CoV-2 is of natural origin, while 10% claim that it is a «divine punishment resulting from corruption». The study also states that 2% refused to respond.

The study indicates that 85% of young people believe that the pandemic worsened social inequalities, while 24% see that the virus negatively affected their mental health, citing depression, anxiety, stress and isolation.

24% of respondents confirmed the financial impact of this health crisis, citing a significant drop in their monthly income while 22% said that they lost their jobs. 10% of respondents reported that the pandemic left them with family problems and conflicts.

The study was conducted between August 20, 2020 and September 10. 500 young men (52%) and women (48%) aged between 18 to 25, who reside in the region of Tangier-Tétouan-Al Hoceima participated to the study.

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