10.21 . And when We cause mankind to taste of mercy after some adversity which had afflicted them , behold! they have some plot against Our revelations . Say : Allah is more swift in plotting . Lo! Our messengers write down that which ye plot .
10.22 . He it is Who maketh you to go on the land and the sea till , when ye are in the ships and they sail with them with a fair breeze and they are glad therein , a storm wind reacheth them and the wave cometh unto them from every side and they deem that they are overwhelmed therein ; ( then ) they cry unto Allah , making their faith pure for Him only ; If Thou deliver us from this , we truly will be of the thankful .
10.23 . Yet when He hath delivered them , behold! they rebel in the earth wrongfully . O mankind! Your rebellion is only against yourselves . ( Ye have ) enjoyment of the life of the world ; then unto Us is your return and We shall proclaim unto you what ye used to do .
10.24 . The similitude of the life of the world is only as water which We send down from the sky , then the earth ' s growth of that which men and cattle eat mingleth with it till , when the earth hath taken on her ornaments and is embellished , and her people deem that they are masters of her , Our commandment cometh by night or by day and we make it as reaped corn as if it had not flourished yesterday . Thus do We expound the revelations for people who reflect .
10.25 . And Allah summoneth to the abode of peace , and leadeth whom He will to a straight path .
10.26 . For those who do good is the best ( reward ) and more ( thereto ) . Neither dust nor ignominy cometh near their faces . Such are rightful owners of the Garden ; they will abide therein .
10.27 . And those who earn ill deeds , ( for them ) requital of each ill deed by the like thereof ; and ignominy overtaketh them . They have no protector from Allah . As if their faces had been covered with a cloak of darkest night . Such are rightful owners of the Fire ; they will abide therein
10.28 . On the day when We gather them all together , then We say unto those who ascribed partners ( unto Us ) : Stand back , ye and your ( pretended ) partners ( of Allah ) ! And We separate them , the one from the other , and their ( pretended ) partners say : It was not us ye worshipped .
10.29 . Allah sufficeth as a witness between us and you , that we were unaware of your worship .
10.30 . There doth every soul experience that which it did aforetime , and they are returned unto Allah , their rightful Lord , and that which they used to invent hath failed them .
10.31 . Say ( unto them , O Muhammad ) : Who provideth for you from the sky and the earth , or Who owneth hearing and sight ; and Who bringeth forth the living from the dead and bringeth forth the dead from the living ; and Who directeth the course? They will say : Allah . Then say : Will ye not then keep your duty ( unto Him ) ?
10.32 . Such then is Allah , your rightful Lord . After the Truth what is there saving error? How then are ye turned away!
10.33 . Thus is the Word of thy Lord justified concerning those who do wrong : that they believe not .
10.34 . Say : Is there of your partners ( whom ye ascribe unto Allah ) one that produceth Creation and then reproduceth it? Say : Allah produceth creation , then reproduceth it . How then , are ye misled!
10.35 . Say : Is there of your partners ( whom ye ascribe unto Allah ) one that leadeth to the Truth? Say : Allah leadeth to the Truth . Is He Who leadeth to the Truth more deserving that He should be followed , or he who findeth not the way unless he ( himself ) be guided . What aileth you? How judge ye?
10.36 . Most of them follow naught but conjecture . Assuredly conjecture can by no means take the place of truth . Lo! Allah is Aware of what they do .
10.37 . And this Quran is not such as could ever be invented in despite of Allah ; but it is a confirmation of that which was before it and an exposition of that which is decreed for mankind . Therein is no doubt from the Lord of the Worlds .
10.38 . Or say they : He hath invented it? Say : Then bring a surah like unto it , and call ( for help ) on all ye can besides Allah , if ye are truthful .
10.39 . Nay , but they denied that , the knowledge whereof they could not compass , and whereof the interpretation ( in events ) hath not yet come unto them . Even so did those before them deny . Then see what was the consequence for the wrongdoers!
10.40 . And of them is he who believeth therein , and of them is he who believeth not therein , and thy Lord is best aware of the corrupters .
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