10.101 . Say : Behold what is in the heavens and the earth! But revelations and warnings avail not folk who will not believe .
10.102 . What expect they save the like of the days of those who passed away before them? Say : Expect then! I am with you among the expectant .
10.103 . Then shall We save Our messengers and the believers , in like manner ( as of old ) . It is incumbent upon Us to save believers .
10.104 . Say ( O Muhammad ) : O mankind! If ye are in doubt of my religion , then ( know that ) I worship not those whom ye worship instead of Allah , but I worship Allah who causeth you to die , and I have been commanded to be of the believers .
10.105 . And , ( O Muhammad ) set thy purpose resolutely for religion , as a man by nature upright , and be not of those who ascribe partners ( to Allah ) .
10.106 . And cry not , beside Allah , unto that which cannot profit thee nor hurt thee , for if thou didst so then wert thou of the wrong-doers .
10.107 . If Allah aflicteth thee with some hurt , there is none who can remove it save Him ; and if He desireth good for thee ,
10.108 . Say : O mankind! Now hath the Truth from your Lord come unto you . So whosoever is guided , is guided only for ( the food of ) his soul , and whosoever erreth erreth only against it . And I am not a warder over you .
10.109 . And ( O Muhammad ) follow that which is inspired in thee , and forbear until Allah give judgment . And He is the Best of Judges .
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