11.21 . Such are they who have lost their souls , and that which they used to invent hath failed them .
11.22 . Assuredly in the Hereafter they will be the greatest losers .
11.23 . Lo! those who believe and do good works and humble themselves before their Lord : such are rightful owners of the Garden ; they will abide therein .
11.24 . The similitude of the two parties is as the blind and the deaf and the seer and the hearer . Are they equal in similitude? Will ye not then be admonished?
11.25 . And We sent Noah unto his folk ( and he said ) : I am a plain warner unto you .
11.26 . That ye serve none , save Allah . Lo! I fear for you the retribution of a painful Day .
11.27 . The chieftains of his folk , who disbelieved , said : We see thee but a mortal like us , and we see not that any follow thee save the most abject among us , without reflection . We behold in you no merit above us nay , we deem you liars .
11.28 . He said : O my people! Bethink you , if I rely on a clear proof from my Lord and there hath come unto me a mercy from His presence , and it hath been made obscure to you , can we compel you to accept it when ye are averse thereto?
11.29 . And O my people! I ask of you no wealth therefor . My reward is the concern only of Allah , and I am not going to thrust away those who believe Lo! they have to meet their Lord but I see you a folk that are ignorant .
11.30 . And , O my people! who would deliver me from Allah if I thrust them away? Will ye not then reflect?
11.31 . I say not unto you : "I have the treasures of Allah" nor "I have knowledge of the Unseen , " nor say I : "Lo! I am an angel!" Nor say I unto those whom your eyes scorn that Allah will not give them good Allah knoweth best what is their hearts Lo! then indeed I should be of the wrong doers .
11.32 . They said : O Noah! Thou hast disputed with us and multiplied disputation with us ; now bring upon Us that where with thou threatenest us , if thou art of the truthful .
11.33 . He said : Only Allah will bring it Upon you if He will , and ye can by no means escape .
11.34 . My counsel will not profit you if I were minded to advise you , if Allah ' s will is to keep you astray . He is your lord and unto Him ye will be brought hack .
11.35 . Or say they ( again ) He hath invented it? Say : If I have invented it , upon me be my crimes , but I am innocent of ( all ) that ye commit .
11.36 . And it was inspired in Noah , ( saying ) : No one of the folk will believe save him who hath believed already . Be not distressed because of what they do .
11.37 . Build the ship under Our Eyes and by Our inspiration , and speak not unto Me on behalf of those who do wrong . Lo! they wilt be drowned .
11.38 . And he was building the ship , and every time that chieftains of his people passed him , they made mock of him . He said : Though ye make mock of us , yet we mock at you even as ye mock ;
11.39 . And ye shall know to whom a punishment that will confound him cometh , and upon whom a lasting doom will fall .
11.40 . ( Thus it was ) till , when Our commandment came to pass and the oven gushed forth water , We said : Load therein two of every kind , a pair ( the male and female ) , and thy household , save him against whom the word hath gone forth already , and those who believe . And but a few were they who believed with him .
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