11.61 . And unto ( the tribe of ) Thamud ( We sent ) their brother Salih . . He said : O my people! Serve Allah , Ye have no other God save Him . He brought you forth from the earth and hath made you husband it . So ask forgiveness of Him and turn unto Him repentant . Lo , my Lord is Nigh , Responsive .
11.62 . They said : O Salih! Thou hast been among us hitherto as that wherein our hope was placed . Dost thou ask us not to worship what our fathers worshipped? Lo! we verily are in grave doubt concerning that to which thou callest us .
11.63 . He said : O my people! Bethink you : if I am ( acting ) on clear proof from my Lord and there hath come unto me a mercy from Him , who will save me from Allah if I disobey Him? Ye would add to me naught save perdition .
11.64 . O my people! This is the camel of Allah , a token unto you , so suffer her to feed in Allah ' s earth , and touch her not with harm lest a near torment seize you .
11.65 . But they hamstrung her , and then he said : Enjoy life in your dwelling place three days! This is a threat that will not be belied .
11.66 . So , when Our commandment came to pass , We saved Salih , and those who believed with him , by a mercy from Us , from the ignominy of that day . Lo , thy Lord! He is the Strong , the Mighty .
11.67 . And the ( Awful ) Cry overtook those who did wrong , so that morning found them prostrate in their dwellings ,
11.68 . As though they had not dwelt there . Lo! Thamud disbelieved in their Lord . A far removal for Thamud!
11.69 . And Our messengers came unto Abraham with good news . They said : Peace! He answered : Peace! and delayed not to bring a roasted calf .
11.70 . And when he saw their hands reached not to it , he mistrusted them and conceived a fear of them . They said : Fear not! Lo! we are sent unto the folk of Lot .
11.71 . And his wife , standing by , laughed when We gave her good tidings ( of the birth ) of Isaac , and , after Isaac , of Jacob .
11.72 . She said : Oh , woe is me! Shall I bear a child when I am an old woman , and this my husband is an old man? Lo! this is a strange thing!
11.73 . They said : Wonderest thou at the commandment of Allah? The mercy of Allah and His blessings be upon you , O people of the house! Lo! He is Owner of Praise , Owner of Glory!
11.74 . And when the awe departed from Abraham , and the glad news reached him , he pleaded with Us on behalf of the folk of Lot .
11.75 . Lo! Abraham was mild , imploring , penitent .
11.76 . ( It was said ) O Abraham! Forsake this! Lo! thy Lord ' s commandment hath gone forth , and lo! there cometh unto them a doom which cannot be repelled .
11.77 . And when Our messengers came unto Lot , he was distressed and knew not how to protect them . He said : This is a distressful day .
11.78 . And his people came unto him , running towards him and before then they used to commit abominations He said : O my people! Here are my daughters! They are purer for you . Beware of Allah , and degrade me not in ( the person of ) my guests . Is there not among you any upright man?
11.79 . They said : Well thou knowest that we have no right to thy daughters , and well thou knowest what we want .
11.80 . He said : Would that I had strength to resist you or had some strong support ( among you ) !
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