33.1 . O Prophet! Keep thy duty to Allah and obey not the disbelievers and the hypocrites . Lo! Allah is Knower , Wise .
33.2 . And follow that which is inspired in thee from thy Lord . Lo! Allah is Aware of what ye do .
33.3 . And put thy trust in Allah , for Allah is sufficient as Trustee .
33.4 . Allah hath not assigned unto any man two hearts within his body , nor hath he made your wives whom ye declare ( to be your mothers ) your mothers , nor hath he made those whom ye claim ( to be your sons ) your sons . This is but a saying of your mouths . But Allah sayeth the truth and He soweth the way .
33.5 . Proclaim their real parentage . That will be more equitable in the sight of Allah . And if ye know not their fathers , then ( they are ) your brethren in the faith , and your clients . And there is no sin for you in the mistakes that ye make unintentionally , but what your hearts purpose ( that will be a sin for you ) . Allah is Forgiving , Merciful .
33.6 . The Prophet is closer to the believers than their selves , and his wives are ( as ) their mothers . And the owners of kinship are closer one to another in the ordinance of Allah than ( other ) believers and the fugitives ( who fled from Mecca ) except that ye should do kindness to your friends . This is written in the Book ( of nature ) .
33.7 . And when We exacted a covenant from the Prophets , and from thee ( O Muhammad ) and from Noah and Abraham and Moses and Jesus son of Mary . We took from them a solemn covenant ;
33.8 . That He may ask the loyal of their loyalty . And He hath prepared a painful doom for the unfaithful .
33.9 . O ye who believe Remember Allah ' s favor unto you when there came against you hosts , and We sent against them a great wind and hosts ye could not see . And Allah is ever Seer of what ye do .
33.10 . When they came upon you from above you and from below you , and when eyes grew wild and hearts reached to the throats , and ye were imagining vain thoughts concerning Allah .
33.11 . There were the believers sorely tried , and shaken with a mighty shock .
33.12 . And When the hypocrites , and those in whose hearts is a disease , were saying : Allah and His messenger promised us naught but delusion .
33.13 . And when a party of them said : O folk of Yathrib! There is no stand ( possible ) for you , therefor turn back . And certain of them ( even ) sought permission of the Prophet , saying : Our homes lie open ( to the enemy ) . And they lay not open . They but wished to flee .
33.14 . If the enemy had entered from all sides and they had been exhorted to treachery , they would have committed it , and would have hesitated thereupon but little .
33.15 . And verily they had already sworn unto Allah that they would not turn their backs ( to the foe ) . An oath to Allah must he answered for .
33.16 . Say : Flight will not avail you if ye flee from death or killing , and then ye dwell in comfort but a little while .
33.17 . Say : Who is he who can preserve you from Allah if He intendeth harm for you , or intendeth mercy for you . They will not find that they have any friend or helper other than Allah
33.18 . Allah already knoweth those of you who hinder , and those who say unto their brethren : "Come ye hither unto us!" and they come not to the stress of battle save a little ,
33.19 . Being sparing of their help to you ( believers ) . But when the fear cometh , then thou ( Muhammad ) seest them regarding thee with rolling eyes like one who fainteth unto death . Then , when the fear departeth , they scald you with sharp tongues in their greed for wealth ( from the spoil ) . Such have not believed . Therefor Allah maketh their deeds fruitless . And that is easy for Allah .
33.20 . They hold that the clans have not retired ( for good ) ; and if the Clans should advance ( again ) , they would fain be in the desert with the wandering Arabs , asking for the news of you and if they were among you , they would not give battle , save a little .
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