9.41 . Go forth , light armed and heavy armed , and strive with your wealth and your lives in the way of Allah! That is best for you if ye but knew .
9.42 . Had it been a near adventure and an easy journey they had followed thee , but the distance seemed too far for them . Yet will they swear by Allah ( saying ) : If we had been able we would surely have set out with you . They destroy their souls , and Allah knoweth that they verily are liars .
9.43 . Allah forgive thee ( O Muhammad ) ! Wherefore didst thou grant them leave ere those who told the truth were manifest to thee and thou didst know the liars?
9.44 . Those who believe in Allah and the Last Day ask no leave of thee lest they should strive with their wealth and their lives . Allah is Aware of those who keep their duty ( unto Him ) .
9.45 . They alone ask leave of thee who believe not in Allah and the Last Day , and whose hearts feel doubt , so in their doubt they waver . .
9.46 . And if they had wished to go forth they would assuredly have made ready some equipment , but Allah was averse to their being sent forth and held them back and ( it was said unto them ) : Sit ye with the sedentary!
9.47 . Had they gone forth among you they had added to you naught save trouble and had hurried to and fro among you , seeking to cause sedition among you ; and among you there are some who would have listened to them . Allah Is Aware of evil-doers .
9.48 . Aforetime they sought to cause sedition and raised difficulties for thee till the Truth came and the decree of Allah was made manifest , though they were loth .
9.49 . Of them is he who saith : Grant me leave ( to stay at home ) and tempt me not . Surely it is into temptation that they ( thus ) have fallen . Lo! hell is all around the disbelievers .
9.50 . If good befalleth thee ( O Muhammad ) it afflicteth them , and if calamity befalleth thee , they say : We took precaution , and they turn away well pleased .
9.51 . Say : Naught befalleth us save that which Allah hath decreed for us . He is our protecting Friend . In Allah let believers put their trust!
9.52 . Say : Can ye await for us aught save one of two good things ( death or victory in Allah ' s way ) ? while we await for you that Allah will afflict you with a doom from Him or at our hands . Await then! Lo! we are awaiting with you .
9.53 . Say : Pay ( your contribution ) , willingly or unwillingly , it will not be accepted from you . Lo! ye were ever froward folk .
9.54 . And naught preventeth that their contributions should be accepted from them save that they have disbelieved in Allah and in His messenger , and they come not to worship save as idlers , and pay not ( their contribution ) save reluctantly .
9.55 . So let not their riches nor their children please thee ( O Muhammad ) . Allah thereby intendeth but to punish them in the life of the world and that their souls shall pass away while they are disbelievers
9.56 . And they swear by Allah that they are in truth of you , when they are not of you , but they are folk who are afraid .
9.57 . Had they but found a refuge , or caverns , or a place to enter , they surely had resorted thither swift as runaways .
9.58 . And of them is he who defameth thee in the matter of the alms . If they are given thereof they are content , and if they are not given thereof , behold! they are enraged .
9.59 . ( How much more seemly ) had they been content with that which Allah and His messenger had given them and had said : Allah sufficeth us . Allah will give us of His bounty , and ( also ) His messenger . Unto Allah we are suppliants .
9.60 . The alms are only for the poor and the needy , and those who collect them , and those whose hearts are to be reconciled , and to free the captives and the debtors , and for the cause of Allah , and ( for ) the wayfarers ; a duty imposed by Allah . Allah is knower , Wise .
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