9.81 . Those who were left behind rejoiced at sitting still behind the messenger of Allah , and were averse to striving with their wealth and their lives in Allah ' s way . And they said : Go not forth in the heat! Say : The heat of hell is more intense of heat , if they but understood .
9.82 . Then let them laugh a little : they will weep much , as the award of what they used to earn .
9.83 . If Allah bring thee back ( from the campaign ) unto a party of them and they ask of thee leave to go out ( to fight ) , then say unto them : Ye shall never more go out with me nor fight with me against a foe . Ye were content with sitting still the first time . So sit still , with the useless .
9.84 . And never ( O Muhammad ) pray for one of them who dieth , nor stand by his grave . Lo! they disbelieved in Allah and His messenger , and they died while they were evil-doers .
9.85 . Let not their wealth nor their children please thee! Allah purposeth only to punish them thereby in the world , and that their souls shall pass away while they are disbelievers .
9.86 . And when a surah is revealed ( which saith ) : Believe in Allah and strive along with His messenger , the men of wealth among them still ask leave of thee and say : Suffer us to be with those who sit ( at home ) .
9.87 . They are content that they should be with the useless and their hearts are sealed , so that they apprehend not .
9.88 . But the messenger and those who believe with him strive with their wealth and their lives . Such are they for whom are the good things . Such are they who are the successful .
9.89 . Allah hath made ready for them Gardens underneath which rivers flow , wherein they will abide . That is the supreme triumph .
9.90 . And those among the wandering Arabs who had an excuse came in order that permission might be granted them . And those who lied to Allah and His messenger sat at home . A painful doom will fall on those of them who disbelieve .
9.91 . Not unto the weak nor unto the sick nor unto those who can find naught to spend is any fault ( to be imputed though they stay at home ) if they are true to Allah and His messenger . Not unto the good is there any road ( of blame ) . Allah is Forgiving , Merciful .
9.92 . Nor unto those whom , when they came to thee ( asking ) that thou shouldest mount them , thou didst tell : I cannot find whereon to mount you . They turned back with eyes flowing with tears , for sorrow that they could not find the means to spend .
9.93 . The road ( of blame ) is only against those who ask for leave of thee ( to stay at home ) when they are rich . They are content to be with the useless . Allah hath sealed their hearts so that they know not .
9.94 . They will make excuse to you ( Muslims ) when ye return unto them . Say : Make no excuse , for we shall not believe you . Allah hath told us tidings of you . Allah and His messenger will see your conduct , and then ye will be brought back unto Him Who knoweth the invisible as well as the visible , and He will tell you what ye used to do .
9.95 . They will swear by Allah unto you , when ye return unto them , that ye may let them be . Let them be , for lo! they are unclean , and their abode is hell as the reward for what they used to earn .
9.96 . They swear unto you , that ye may accept them . Though ye accept them , Allah verily accepteth not wrongdoing folk .
9.97 . The wandering Arabs are more hard in disbelief and hypocrisy , and more likely to be ignorant of the limits which Allah hath revealed unto His messenger . And Allah is knower , Wise .
9.98 . And of the wandering Arabs there is he who taketh that which he expendeth ( for the cause of Allah ) , as a loss , and awaiteth ( evil ) turns of fortune for you ( that he may be rid of it ) . The evil turn of fortune will be theirs . Allah is Nearer , Knower .
9.99 . And of the wandering Arabs there is he who believeth in Allah and the Last day , and taketh that which he expandeth and also the prayers of the messenger as acceptable offering for in the sight of Allah . Lo! verily it is an acceptable offering for them . Allah will bring them into His mercy . Lo! Allah is Forgiving , Merciful .
9.100 . And the first to lead the way , of the Muha ' jirin and the Ansar , and those who followed them in goodness Allah is well pleased with them and they are well pleased with Him and He hath made ready for them Gardens underneath which rivers flow , wherein they will abide for ever . That is the supreme triumph .
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