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trip to Morocco by car
25 March 2009 10:18
what is the most practical , short way to get to Morocco by car
i am planning to drive next year from South of UK to Rabat
is there a ferry service direct from UK to Spain or to Morocco ??
i will have 3 weeks off work so i don t want to waste a lot of days just driving
does the car insurance policy in UK cover in an other country in case something went wrong with car abroad?
any tips will be highly appreciated

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25 March 2009 14:29
hi ya

i want to do the same next summer i was asking the same question, someone told me that there is a ferry from london to spain and from spain another ferry to tangier and after that you make your way to rabat but how long it will take and how much it costs i don`t know.
25 March 2009 16:44
Hi Guys

They are few way to do it the classical long way tru Dover - Calais then Frnace & Spain Algasiras- Tanger this is a long way & we fuel prices + motorway its a bit expensive .

An other way its to get a Ferry to North of Spain (Portsmouth-Bilbao) [] or Plymouth-Santander you need to book early & you still have to do Spain in the summer its very hot .

An other option :
The French Railways also operate their own domestic car-carrying trains, called Auto-Train, some of which run all year round at least a few times a week. In this case, cars & passengers travel separately: You check your car in during day 1, the cars are transported overnight, and you pick your car up on day 2. Passengers travel on any regular passenger train they like, either a daytime TGV or overnight train with couchettes.

Cost: Paris-Nice costs around £220 each way for the car, Paris-Narbonne £205, Paris-Brive or Paris-Bordeaux £155. Passengers pay normal rail fares, see

Other ferry connection like the classic Sete Tanger very popular :


For stays foe 2 weeks or under it may be cheaper to fly & hire a car over there
19 December 2012 09:34
Am planning to drive all the way from south London U.k to Morocco around march 2013 on 4x4, so who wants to join me?

You will need at least 2 weeks off work.

Get in touch if interested.

13 January 2013 12:50
Hello Ibrahim

I would love to travel with you to morocco, i am living in Brighton South east coast...

call me if you have no takers


1 February 2013 19:28
Hi Ibrahim

I'm to planning this trip by car all the way, love long road trips.

If you are up for it let me know, I live in ilford, east London,sen me a message
And we can speak more..


18 May 2013 21:53
Hi MuradR Khan
My family of 6 are travelling to Rabat early August 2013 in a 7-seater Vauxhall Zafira. If you are qualified driver and alone or you are driving on your own with your family, we can make the trip together. I live in Dagenham.
13 June 2013 09:43
Hi Ibrahim
I was googling around just now, from an apartment near Tetouan in Northern Morocco, where I am on holiday. Was thinking last night about the fun idea (??) of driving from London to Tetouan and back again with my own car, for a change, another time.

Just curious to know if you actually made that trip back in March this year.... or if anyone else has recently ?

17 June 2013 04:28
Hi MuradR Khan
My family of 6 are travelling to Rabat early August 2013 in a 7-seater Vauxhall Zafira. If you are qualified driver and alone or you are driving on your own with your family, we can make the trip together. I live in Dagenham.

Hello I would like to know some information, Any suggestions or tips would be greatly appreciated....

This summer I'm going to morocco with my car and my two children, I'll take the ship from portsmouth to santander or bilbao, then I will go by car to algeciras, What worries me is the fact that I've never driven a uk car in other countries, even in morocco!.
In Morocco, casablanca in particular, there is a lot of traffic,Many do not respect the rules of the road, in towns, taxis are often the sharks of the road! taxi drivers do not respect the rules of the road, and many have a way to drive reckless and dangerous.

So where as a car uk, you have little visibility, even when overtaking and maneuvering.
Anyone have any suggestions or use any tool or accessory for lhd cars .... any suggestion is useful ... I'd go with my car for convenience, but if I have to have these concerns prefer to take a plane and rent a car ... aspect of your experience.
I'm probably worrying about nothing! But better to be safe

18 June 2013 01:34
I'm a also planning a car trip to Morocco beginning of August, driving my X5 7 seater with family to Fnideq (near Tetouan). I've never tried it before and it seems to be the right time this year

Driving a British car on the in the right hand side is not that bad, just remember your position and be double cautious at first. Best not to overtake if in doubt (better late than never arriving)

It looks like this yer everyone has the same plan about going first week of August and spend Eid in Morocco.

Safe journey all

12 July 2013 15:01
Hi to everybody just to anyone want to travel to morocco in august at period of 3 weeks and want to share the expenses of driving way and back with a qualified driver . thanks
16 July 2013 05:54
I drove to morocco in 2008 im also from south london im planing to drive down next year inchallah it's was my first time i had no problems smooth sailing. Make sure you have European car insurance, most uk insurers will offer you that option, make sure you have European brake down cover just in case. I did Dover to Calais then drove through France spain down to algasieras and got the ferry to tangier. My advice make sure you got a diesel vehicle, it will work out cheaper for you. I drove down in a BMW 20i 24 valve injection big mistake lol Dover to Calais cost me 50 pounds or so I had 1000 euros in cash after spending on food, petrol and motorway charges and paying 270 euros for the ferry to tangier plus return, I had about 30 euros left over it took me 28hour to complete my journey from London to tangier,
25 July 2013 17:36
Hi guys i am Ali i am from east London i am planing to go to Morroco next month in August 13. I am not sure that i go through France or ferry from Portsmouth. Any body have travelled through ferry any idea hows the journy like.
8 January 2014 18:57
Hi guys. Looking to drive from London to morroco in late May or in early august 2014. Want to spend most of my time in South Spain and morocco. What is the best route? How much should I be looking at in terms of fuel for a golf 1.6 fsi? Will a golf make it to morocco and back? Advice much appreciated. Thanks

11 January 2014 19:07
Hi guys

I plan to travel from london to morocco by my Skoda Octavia estate in March 2014 with open schedule which means do not mind for the route and time but I am concerned for lodging. It is convenient to find proper places to stay overnight with my car during the journey? I may use hotels from time to time but prefer to sleep in the car in a safe place to save money. I heard that some campsites or Aires do not allow cars to stay overnight as it is not self-contained.

17 February 2014 11:27

i want to deliver a weight of 50 kg to morroco , casablanca. my friend abdul karim told me that a morrocan man delivers furniture and stuff from london to morroco. anyone know about this guy?
28 February 2014 03:53
Hi any one going to morocco this spring love to tag along and split the visit
Regard mohamed
17 March 2014 21:06
Hi all out there.
I am planning to travel to west africa through Morocco, Niger, Mauritania and then Mali with my Landrover freelander 1. I need some advice on:

1. Best route.
2. security.
3 Document required.
4. Do I need to take out the cooling system termostat once on the continent?
5. Is anyone interested?

Please be generous with your ideas.

26 March 2014 17:18

Mye be your are creasy because if u want to visit morocco by car no problem its not dangerous but mauritani, niger and mali its too dangerous specially if u are white men whith blue eyes ahahahah lol this country is not safe that why many country not alowed her people to go there ......if u go anyway dont cry after your kidnapping lol it will be too late
10 July 2014 21:35
Hi everyone,

I'm planning on driving to Larache (near Tangier) from London with my wife and 3 children in the first week of Aug' 2014 and I need some advice on budget and what to expect on my journey travelling time and best route to take etc. Any advice would be much appreciated.

Many thanks,

10 August 2014 01:17
my question here is there any car rental company in europe to rent from so that you can drive the car all the way to Morocco....any help would be appreciated.

6 September 2014 15:52
AOA BRK TO All,is anyone have planing or done recently Morocco by car plz upload itinerary and secondly if some one have future plan to go by car with kids or as journey friends all are most welcome.
13 February 2015 00:02
I plan to drive to morocco june 2015 from dover in my car Audi A3 diesel. Any body like to join either in my car or both cars together
20 February 2015 14:20
hello there

which part of morocco are you heading?
25 April 2015 11:02
hi guys we are planning to go to Morocco from Leeds by road in July school holidays for a month. my route will be, driving all the way to Tangier and from Tangier to Rabat, Casablanca, Essaouria, Tiznit, Taroudant, Toubkal in Atlas mountains, Quarzazate, Meknes, Tatouan, back to Tangier. I will be taking v- class Mercedes 7 seater van. if any body interested or want to come along with me in their car or van, please contact me all suggestions are welcome.
11 May 2015 08:32
Hi guys will be travelling to Morocco by car from Leeds, it will be a 14 day trip in July. Stopping at France and Spain then reaching Morocco. If anybody is interested in joining me message me .
29 July 2015 20:13
السلام عليكم و رحمت الله تعالى و بركاته

My name is yassine hope u all alright

I'm front north east of England and it will take me over 5 hours just to get to Plymouth port
In Chaa Allah thinking of driving to tangiers from Santander or Bilbao
However the thing is I never drive in morocco before and I never drive in right side road

So I'm a bit nervous I have no idea what's the cons and pros regarding the trip
In Chaa Allah I'll be traveling in 4x4 car with my wife and 2 kids my wife doesn't drive unfortunately

I wish to know do you go sometimes through town centres to get to to Algeciras
Or it straight forward Santander/Bilbao all the way MOTORWAY to Algeciras PORT

Thank you very much جزاكم الله خيرا
7 August 2015 14:11
Hi.. Nice to read that you have done a road trip to morocco. I'm just planning to drive morocco mid of this month with my family. Could you please help us in road route and please tell us about the safety aspect aswel. Thnkx looking forward for your helpful advice. Tc
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