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Can I trust a moroccan woman ?
11 November 2010 23:01
As for djemila, my dear, ive got not much clue about algerian women.

That's quite a satisfying answer, thanks. Smiling Smiley
11 November 2010 23:38
And yes skender, I hope one day we both get what we want. Are u a moroccan too?

Yes i am. Actually you can get many things for know what I mean Grinning smiley...One day you'd like to make a stop and get a serious life..the sun of this day hasn't rise up yet for me Danse
15 November 2010 23:09
Hi dan.piper99!
Le mask has answered my feelings but I'll few more.
Yes, we have beautiful women and we are very proud of them. The ones who let us down by funicating with everyone including the ones you have described as 'white men', have not only let down Morocco and its wonderful people but Have let down God, their proud family and above all themselves.
You'll find that most of their immoral earning have been spent on drinks, drugs, cigarettes and have thrown their dignity in the gutters and not as someone mentioned because of hunger.
Alhamdulillah, there is no hunger in Morocco now. Anyone who claims that is a lear, lazy and with no pride.
If you are a Muslim, and your intentions are honourable and your bains is not in your pants, you will find your match. There is a lot of very proud Moroccan ladies who are dignified and honourable who want to marry because they like our men want to do what ordained by God.
If you want to marry a Moroccan woman because of your pants, please accept the suggestion of one of the brothers, go to Thailand and leave my country alone.
15 November 2010 23:37
Dan dear,
Come down to Morocco to make your proper opinion about Moroccan Women…but I doubt you have enough dough to buy a ticket.
17 November 2010 11:42
21 November 2010 22:51

This is a lots of shit you are trying here and you have being very methodical about your attack, i read all what you wrote so fat and i feel that you are digging for a reaction here and pretty confident that your cover story is quite pathetic to say the least ...

To you and others like you to leave Morocco and Moroccans alone you have enough shit to shavell on your own we were , we are & we will better than you so keep trying but you wont succeed, i give you one name of a Moroccan lady " Aicha" go and find out what she did with the Portuguese in Al Jadida !

Oh God..Ya Allah..i am really really sorry 2passage..and all the other women (i guess there are some lads here as well).

Please do not think I am making a judgement on anyone here. Who am I to judge any ways. It is the lord who judges. If I cannot help myself stealing glances at your beautiful women whenever I get a chance (despite knowing quite well about the first glance rule in Islam), I don't consider myself a good judge or anything.

Please forgive me my sisters and brothers...I never meant to hurt anyone's feelings. It is the last thing i'd want to do (I guess it really poked some people here..and hell yeah it should since i guess i sounded once again..please forgive me).

What I really meant was..has the situation got out of hand so much that (at least it looks from afar) it is the arab equivalent of thailand? Once again I am even not judging those women who are selling (their pretty bodies) to wealthy sex tourists from the rich gulf states and europe. I am just saying that I would want to know what is the root cause of this? I mean if this really is the scene as those french men are making it to be? They kept on going to morocco time and again and hence I thought things might have gone a lil too far there.

And please...I am NOT painting ALL moroccan women with the same brush. I am trying to find what the scene is sort of there. I mean as i said, it would be sad for it to become the thailand or cambodia of the arab world. For God's sake, I am planning to MARRY a moroccan woman, and i would not want to color them all..if I did..i'd be going with those french pigs (na i mean those filthy sex tourists..ive got nothin against france) and have a piece of the pie that ive been dying to eat..hell yeah i wanna eat that..but in a HALAL way and which also involves emotions...hence I never ever went with them for their sexcapades..i just want to be with such a sweet girl and not just be a party to a drunken orgy.

So more comments please (n yeah im perfectly ok with people poking at me with a lil french since i know jack shit about far as its in good humor..its fine with fact..if any of u pretty lil ladies would like to poke me in person.,,id be fine with that too Tongue sticking out smiley)

regards (n guys from maroc..i really feel jealous of you since the women there are quite the same time I also feel sorry for you...since so many men all around the world are slowly taking notice of your treasure and not all of them come with good intentions :|)
24 November 2010 01:40
Just as a reminder this site is not for attacking Moroccans or any other nation. This post should have been stopped at early stages if one of you was able to signal it to Yabi’s team. Remember you can teas each other but never insult one another it is rude and not in our culture.
Please take a minute and read the rules.
Regards to all of you
Adds adds jazz but never subtract music
3 December 2010 15:47
Salaam Alaykom

From reading some of what he said when he described women as "pies" shows he has no fear of Allah. "Dan" instead of travelling to Morocco to find a spouse, maybe its better for u to stay where u are in India and look there.


By the way

For the honest people out there wondering ... Morocco is just like any other country, there is good people and bad people. But u should never allow strange people on the internet or in real life for that matter to tread ur path in life, or tell u how to live ur life. Live ur life by the morals and standards sent down to us from Allah and that is what this life is all about. I am a moroccan by origin but born and raised in Europe, I am familiar with both cultures and as of right now im approximately 1 month and 1 week away from marrying my moroccan fiancé down in Morocco InshAllah, and I have never met a more caring, loving, responsible, mature lady than her in my entire life alhamdulillah and this despite the fact that I have lived my entire life outside of Morocco. This should tell u something about those who stereotype and generalize ...

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15 December 2010 03:53
yu can gain complete answers to your questions if yu simply say from which country yu come from...
16 December 2010 10:31
What a question! Perhaps some answers would be: Can I trust a moroccan guy?

I guess the nationality doesn't really matter, because when you read books such as, 'Men from mars, women from Venus" they don’t mention, or talk about any specific nationality

Same thing regarding your question, there are some sweet and lovely women who are Moroccans, Tunisians, Lebanese, Americans, British…, and some who are worse than witches, that goes as well for guys
21 December 2010 14:27
il a un problème ce monsieur?

ouats a nnn ??
22 May 2011 12:06
You wanted honest replies, right? Get yourself checked by a psychotherapist, asap!
23 June 2011 11:54
So, what shall you do ? Are you enough bold to sett of in search of adventure ?

Keep us posted.
26 November 2012 00:37
It seems you are an uneducated person, someone who has no experience in real life. 1st you don't trust the women that you are with, 2nd you based your woman choice on unfounded information. You listen more than you think. Knowing that you are a failure, you will never have a honest relationship it doesn't matter where is the woman from (USA, France, China or morocco) . You have no respect for women therefore you have no respect for your self. You are lucking self confidence, honesty , and trust. You are a failure. Good luck, dude
31 January 2013 14:33

This is over two years and redundant, but perhaps others will see this. So I married a Moroccan woman (I'm American), and as far as trust goes, you can trust them beyond a shadow of a doubt. They are some of the most loving, caring and devoted people in the world. You'll find bad apples in every part of the world but in my experience, Moroccan women are to be treasured and given every bit of respect you can give them. They are sweet and loving but become lions if you anger them.

To the women of Morocco. I salute you.
2 February 2013 10:22
the questioner has a reason to ask ---may be he experienced the truth ?
7 February 2013 19:31
EAT SHIT YOU SMELLY PAKI !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
17 February 2013 23:33
My Words is This
We men like my self thinks that the american women changed so we go overseas to think to find a woman but when we amerian like my self bring her here in the US its al together no differ What im saying they Human too theres no perfect women or men like that song By Stevie Wonder and Paul McCartney EBONY IVORY PERFERT HARMONY PEOPLE ARE THE SAME WHATEVER YOU GO THERE IS BAD AND GOOD EVERWHERE
20 July 2013 18:11
Sorry to say, I'm a Moroccan girl and no money in the world can buy me only a good hurted man with religious background, looking for answers in here?? Are u serious what do u expect to find? And if a few idiots followed your game..... Then what? You believe them right? Wow
23 July 2013 04:41
Yes u can!!!!!!!!!
14 October 2013 10:28
Im a muslim man And i proud to be a muslim . my nephew he got merrid a morrocan girl four years ago and he lives in Newcastle but since he go married his family every one happy with this girl ...Smiling Smiley I dnt think so Moroccan women is bad! In this planet where ever you go you can find bad and good . it dosent mean morocco has untrustable women.if you think deeply it's all about ur luck but you have to observe it .ti tell you true story about me I got merry a girl who's from my country I wouldnot tell you the country name after I merry her I found she had boyfriend b4 I didn't tell her anything I thought every one has a past so I forget about that my family life was amazing just for one year after that she fall in love with her collegue she started to lying me one day I cought he she felt sorry and ask me to forgive her as a normal person I forgive her but she still cheated on me and now we are not together think brother I never imagine about that.that my ex will cheat me Bcoz she was perfect for my mom all family member she always kept them happy likea a muslim wife .
until her original face comeout .soo the think is brov .without (Allah swat) no body cant say where his life partner.wait for the moment ..may Allah bless you nice Islamic minded wife ...
17 October 2013 10:52
Hi everyone, I'm a British born moroccan looking for a decent Moroccan girl in london. I don't mind if you are citizen or just a student who ahs come to study here. Feel free to call/text me on 07513 235 268
10 November 2013 17:25
hello ,

i hate every time hear bad things about moroccans girls everywhere you will find the good and the bad , but my conclusion is

the real moroccan girls they are good mums , best wifes,strong enough to support you ,a doctor , mechanical ,teacher , driver,nurse,technician …

you should just be sure about what you want and what you feel and don't care about what ppl say

10 November 2013 17:28
hello ,

i hate every time hear bad things about moroccans girls everywhere you will find the good and the bad , but my conclusion is

the real moroccan girls they are good mums , best wifes,strong enough to support you ,a doctor , mechanical ,teacher , driver,nurse,technician …

you should just be sure about what you want and what you feel and don't care about what ppl say


Assalamou 'alaykoum wa rahmatoulah wa barakatu,

thumbs up

I agree with you my sister !
10 November 2013 17:37
salam ,

thank you sarah
10 November 2013 17:40
Salam alaykoum ,

i just looking for any moroccans lives in swansea ??

10 November 2013 17:45
I send you a mail on the forum, check it Winking smiley
10 November 2013 17:55
salam sarah
i don't know there something wrong i couldn't answer you

they told me that I'm not actif to replay sorry about that

but i can speak arabic and aim well thank you
how about you ?
16 November 2013 10:17
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