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What Do You Miss Most?
15 October 2012 11:27
When you look back with that nostagic eye of yours to that far away past in the bled, you start missing certain things. What are they and how do you cope with their lack in your present life?

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18 October 2012 15:34
I only miss my family and those moments we spent laughing ,watching tv with my sisters!!! I even missed arguing with my little brother and the times when I got upset with my dad's critics!! it's not that far away but I do miss it so badly !! we can't have it all ,can we!
21 October 2012 22:28
I miss everything!!
23 October 2012 12:36
Well Family of course, My mum's food Smiling Smiley flavours...the sun...
But definitly family!

BTW i just discovered this english forum and im very pleased to join Smiling Smiley
1 November 2012 14:28
miss my dear mum and also one of my best friends. he is specialist in making funny jokes. he used to make my days and i always burst out in laugher even before he starts talking.......he could have a bright future as a professional comic but......
7 November 2012 19:06
Sadly my dislikes outnumber my likes.
10 November 2012 15:42
there is so much to miss if you keep thinking about it. I personnaly care mostly about my family
whenever i go back home, i only stay home, not travelling or nothing, just to spend as much time as possible with familly.
the rest, you can always adapt.
i learned to cook from harcha and hrira to bastilla, so the food is not much of hassle. the other thing, every couple weeks, i invite some moroccan friends only to my place, i cook moroccan food and we play Rami while music is on youtube with all kind of nostalgic tunes.... so everyone is singing (like..... wahya senia...) and of course getting a chance to speak darija , joke at each other....
Thats my way , and to each their own Smiling Smiley
13 November 2012 21:50
my family and friends of course, the gorgeous weather, the food, the jokes, and the music! Jus the whole atmosphere that breaths Morocco !

How I cope: well skype, I have a moroccan friend here, so talk lot about it, putting music ( thanks youtube Smiling Smiley), and making up phrases in english that nobody understands but us.

And starring at the airplane ticket toward CMN,... obsessif, but it helps!
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