well I`m a guy and I live in Columbus,Oh feel free to contact me if she need help or friends in general. How big is the Moroccan community in ...More
you know, sometimes to make the right decision, you need to see literally everything in from of you. you could try to write down the + and - then compare if its worth the sacrifice. either way, i ...More
plans, i taught we moroccans dont do plans ;) jk a friend of mine is celebrating the new house, so he`s making dinner :) finnaly some moroccan food to enjoy that I dont have to cook ! and definatly ...More
there is so much to miss if you keep thinking about it. I personnaly care mostly about my family whenever i go back home, i only stay home, not travelling or nothing, just to spend as much time as ...More
faut avoir une categorie ( celibats) pour marrriage, bon, si tu y reussie, partage comment ca ...More
c`est peut etre difficile mais ca veux pas dire que cava etre facile avec une eduquer. essaye de voir combien de divorce y`a t il parmi les eduquer ou illettree? tout depend du Nia ...More
when there is so much to fix with not so much chance to get things back to what it use to be, then it`s probably time to move on ! as much as it hurts to admit, our culture is part of us , the good ...More
Lah eyhader salama, almost every year the weather go crazy at least once on spring and fall. just do you best to stay ...More
mabrouk 3wacher we are 6 years late for moroccan pageant next time maybe ...More
Bob Smith => you can start as soon as you get social security number and file your taxes Heidy, yes they will consider your husband income because they consider you both as a single familly ...More
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