Hi , The best is to do some readings and choose your plan .. then read again and start your reduction following your plan points. follows are some links that might help you ...More
Hi stranger786 & simane2020 Yes def I am still interested.. very strange I did not receive alerts of your replies in my email. please feel free to pass me phones num or emails of ...More
Salyut, Si tu as deja fais un essaie envoie moi sur ma boite privee sur ce site et je peux te corriger ou changer ce qu' il faut ...More
I only miss my family and those moments we spent laughing ,watching tv with my sisters!!! I even missed arguing with my little brother and the times when I got upset with my dad's critics!! ...More
None?!!!!! let me know if you have any ideas. Many thanks in ...More
Bonjour, je n'ai pas encore d enfants , et je suis pas installée en France,et l ambassade de Londres me parait un peu mieux si je me trompe pas. Mais, je suis d'accord de ne pas ...More
hi, salma strange, i ve tried again i hope this time it works, ...More
hey salma again i ve wrote to u a msg in ure private box, i hope u ve read ...More
i was fine in casablanca, i was living wth the parents , quite life, i was the good girl i ve don nice studies, i ve teached for a while and was a nice experience, but i wanted more than that, now ...More
hi, im in london since almost 45 days ago, i was worried about living here and deal with english people but like what salma said, till now they are nice young or old ones, is right that maybe ...More
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