Marhaba operation 2017 : over 900 000 expats to enter Morocco via various crossing points

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A total of 968,096 Moroccan expatriates returned to Morocco via a number of crossing points since the beginning of the 2017 Marhaba Operation, Mohammed V Foundation for Solidarity said in a statement.

During the same year, the number of arrivals increased by 5.36% compared to 2016, MAP news agency reported on Monday, noting that 452,559 people have joined Morocco by air and 515,537 by sea. Tangier’s port remains the most used access point with 30% share arrivals.

A heavy influx will be recorded starting from the third week of July which is a kick start of the summer season. Since its launching on the 5th of June, 2017 Marhaba Operation, which is hosting Moroccans living abroad,  is going smoothly thanks to the efforts made by the different concerned departments, including the Mohammed V Foundation for Solidarity, the Royal Gendarmerie and the Police and Customs services.

In terms of social and medical assistance, 28,962 people were waited upon, the foundation added stating that 4,157 were assisted medically while 24,805 others helped regarding administrative, transport and legal-related stuff.

This year, 20 reception sites have been implemented and a staff of nearly 1,000 people mobilized to ensure the best transit conditions for our fellow citizens abroad, the same source notes.

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