Thank you both for replying back. Bootmashoot, vous avez raison. Je dois avoir la poisse en ce moment! I went to the consulate the other day hoping to speak to someone from the passport ...More
Thanks bootmashoot, i totally agree on your comment. The sniggering would certainly be due to frustration so we can't blame really :) Adds, you might be right about the weather but i'm ...More
Many thanks for replying back bidaouiya. That's very reassuring! ...More
Salam Hicham! you were quick today!! looks like i lost my position of first Eid wisher on yabi :D Eid Mubarak to you and everyone else reading this :) Is it eid today in Morocco?? i thought it ...More
Hi Adds, how come?? which part of the UK are you from? Eid is definitely today 30 September as announced by the Mosque of London and on Islam TV channel ...More
Thank you all for your replies :) Like you all, I've always been sending money back home to help the poor and the needy, i didn't have a choice when i used to live in the North, in a small ...More
Salam Assia.93, Tu peux donner a boire a ton mari du gingembre en infusion ou s'il n'aime pas le gout car c'est trop fort tu peux en mettre dans la nourriture, les jus etc. En plus ...More
Chelhman, i agree with you that people should be entitled to choose their religion but freedom doesn't mean the brainwashing of poor illiterate people and mass conversion no matter what religion ...More
Don't worry about the Lehman Brother's redundancies. Those guys will be sitting on their millions for quite a long time. They'll probably miss next year's bonus more than anything ...More
Atas, thank you so much for your help, it's fantastic!! i've forwarded those links to her and i'm sure she will be very pleased. You're right about the accomodation, they will be ...More
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