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Well done Anvers, you got it right.........after the world cup ...More
Salam Adds, Ramadan Mubarak. Nice to see you back on the forum and to hear that you enjoyed your holidays in Morocco. You are right; the hotel industry in Morocco has really improved. The ...More
Dear Yabis, Do you feel frustrated today? If your answer is yes, I recommend you the following method for distressing: Get it out of your chest. How? Simple, just join us on this thread and ...More
Stupid pingpong, Obviously, just like all your fellow countrymen terrorists, you are too coward to show up. :666 If you are a man (which I know you are not since you hide as a girl under the ...More
Listen you pingpong, On another thread I appealed to all Moroccan on this Forum to ignore your stupid posts but you just keep coming back just like a 'pingpong' ball. Do you really ...More
Bless you brother Whatp, you really made me laugh :ptdr: :ptdr::ptdr: I agree with you on the fact that Brazil is one of the favourite teams on the paper but we must be prepared for some ...More
Hi VAROCK, Welcome on board of Yabiladi. Nice to hear from Moroccans in DC. I am glad that you enjoyed visiting South Africa. Cape Town is a lovely city but other cities are worth visiting as ...More
You can change your pseudo, have a "sex" change and you can introduce yourself as a new comer to the forum still we'll keep tracing you. Why? It's your smellYou stink ...More
Emma01 if whatp got it right (I know he did) and you are who I think you are then Allah ya3teek chi mossiba. You see, you are easly detected like any cheap virus. so we'll keep deleting ...More
The warmth of Moroccan ...More
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