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Looking for individuals to transport from London to Casablanca
14 October 2012 18:41
Hi ,

is there anyone going by car to morroco and can transport for me some goods ( clothes ) to from London Casablanca ?

I usually use Fedex or the Post but it's just a nightmare . With Fedex, I always end up paying a lot for a ridiculous service and the Post takes weeks and is also not cheap .
I will need to send few kilos ( up to 20 kgs) so if there any serious people who go to morroco few times a year , please let me know.

Thank you in advance!

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18 October 2012 15:29
None?!!!!! let me know if you have any ideas. Many thanks in advance!
4 November 2012 22:29

May i ask are you still interested in stuff to be sent it to Casablanaca?

Can you introduce youself and what the stuff is.
6 December 2012 15:18
If u still nedd someone i can give u some phone numbers,
8 December 2012 19:56
Hi stranger786 & simane2020

Yes def I am still interested.. very strange I did not receive alerts of your replies in my email. please feel free to pass me phones num or emails of trustworthy pple.

The goods are just simply clothes and shoes.. mostly clothing stuff to my sisters in Casablanca. stranger786 do you have any propositions?

Thank you !
24 December 2012 01:06
Bonjours Pearls

je me permets de vous répondre a votre questions pour Londre Casablanca ont peut vous le fair on fait Paris(FR): Londre, Euxtubury, Tewksebury, Birmingham, Wolver, Liverpool (GCool du Lundi au Dimanche en expresse (navette réguliere) de ASNIER 92 (FR) votre marchandises repartirat direct sur Casablanca (MA) pour plus d'infos je suis disponible, a bientot bye...
12 December 2013 22:38
quel est votre telephone frere
28 July 2017 15:14
Bonjour, puis-je avoir vos contact svp?
28 January 2019 09:36
Bonjour, est ce que vous assurez toujours le transport vers Londres ? Je voudrais envoyer des affaires. Merci de me répondre
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