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are they any moroccans live in ireland ,,,,
pedro-ireland [ PM ]
24 March 2010 12:34
i am searching for moroccans who live in ireland because 6 months right now i was searching for them and didnt find nothing
pedro-ireland [ PM ]
26 March 2010 16:06
what ,,,,,,there is no body know something about ireland..............>?
adds [ PM ]
28 March 2010 17:19
wa paddy ata malek sad3tina?
Are you feeling lonely not to worry mohamed and bachir are coming where you are next week they are going to open a take away selling shffenge.
Adds adds jazz but never subtract music
sinead/yassine [ PM ]
28 March 2010 17:31
my husband is joinging me in ireland next week, hes from casablanca
Samwi [ PM ]
2 April 2010 22:25
Salam ahlikoum,

I don't live in Ireland, but I want to go their the next year. Actually I live in France.

Pedro- Ireland, I wish to know why do you go in Ireland? What are your motivations?


Winking smiley
marouane81 [ PM ]
10 June 2010 19:42
hi all,
i'm moroccan origianlly, been living and working in ireland for the past 6 years.
if anybody is looking for any informations, please feel free to contact me, and i will do my best.
take care all.

mari.maru [ PM ]
10 June 2010 20:01
i'm moroccan, but i'm living in new zealand
my brother lives in dublin, if you want to contact him, i'll tell him Grinning smiley
marouane81 [ PM ]
10 June 2010 20:41
hi there,
yeah sure, it will be a pleasure for me.
this is my email: [email protected]
feel free to past it to him.
yfetchati [ PM ]
21 August 2010 04:57
Hi there, please log in to our Facebook Group page, we are setting up an Irish Morccan Association and we look forward to welcoming all Moroccan friends. []
yfetchati [ PM ]
23 August 2010 02:07
Hi there, it is true that the Moroccan community in Ireland is small but we are getting organized via a future association. Please join our Facebook Group on: []
We will be posting lots of info and update on meetings and social events.
Hope this helps,
Yahya @ Dun Laoghaire.
yfetchati [ PM ]
23 August 2010 02:14
Message to all Moroccans in Ireland and the Irish friends of Morocco, please join our Facebook group on: []
We will be planning lots of activities and social events.
nadin91 [ PM ]
11 July 2014 17:04
Hey Maruan,
I'm Nadia I seen your post about any Moroccans in Dublin... Did u find any? Smiling Smiley
Tajedigt [ PM ]
30 September 2014 21:40
Salam yfetchati,

How is your association going?
dungarvan [ PM ]
3 October 2014 00:43
Wach kaynin cho mgharba hna, 3 ans droka o yalah tla9it maghribi wahedf Waterford
Amaziria [ PM ]
26 October 2014 23:57
ama Moroccan also looking for Moroccan in ireland pls the name of assocaition is not affiched i need to know Moroccan i feel lonely here
ad1234567 [ PM ]
10 November 2014 16:12
Hi Marouane,
I m moroccan living in Germany and will be moving to Ireland in January 2015.I would like to know how life there is?Do u like it?
Soufad18 [ PM ]
14 March 2019 16:02
Hello Marouan,

Can you please give me your contact. I have some informations to ask for.

Thank you

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