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Very useful websites for English speaking Muslims
Arabi77 [ PM ]
14 February 2005 00:23
Assalamo 3alikom brothers and sisters in Islam,

I would like to start a new topic in which English speaking Muslims would find useful information to help them with their din and their daily life in general.

I would start by one of the most useful sites I came across it's a site for prayer times and locating mosques around the UK the website also offers a Azan software and a Muslim directory.

(if your local mosque is not listed please fill in the details so our brothers and sisters find it easy to locate the mosque -Allah May reword you for your efforts-)


The site below provides a rating system for halal restaurants and shops:


Islamic banking (UK)


May Allah Grant us At-Tawfiq and guide us to the right path, Amin

almotanabi [ PM ]
14 February 2005 11:33

Thank you Arabi77 for sharing the sites.

take cars,
Bidaouya [ PM ]
14 February 2005 12:40
Salam Smiling Smiley,

Thank you very much brother Arabi77! Smiling Smiley
Arabi77 [ PM ]
15 February 2005 23:21
Assalamo 3alikom,

Baraka allaho fikom Sister Casaouya, and brother almotanabi

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