two good choices, thanks ...More
It’s really our loss that he’s not doing it in Morocco, but I’m sure he has his reasons as to why, one of which, I should add, what the news media keep writing about his relationship with the ...More
This is real good news and priceless study in my view. Because, and I hope it will eliminate some of the stereotyping from our language. But it looks to me that it may not please some in Morocco. ...More
I found this site for you: with some info and also an article about a person known in morocco,high PJD, who studied at Sainte-Marguerite-Marie, just to show ...More
Hello mima and my best wishes to you and your family, This last December while in Morocco, I sat down with my little niece who was only six and half and I was amazed how she read and spoke English, ...More
thank you yvresse for great ...More
i'm sure it could, i thought it was a good article, plus the fact that many times when we put jus the link some friends ask for copy paste. don't worry a Si I9bi7, won't happen ...More
Rafaella, the site would not open, can you make sure it's ...More
I really think the answer to your question, are the MRE becoming conservative? Is yes. And like you mentioned, one look at the French forum and a tiny tiny look at the English one would support that ...More
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