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Terror cell dismantled in Spain with the help of Morocco

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Spanish national police announced on Friday the dismantling of a terror cell with the collaboration of Morocco.

Policemen arrested two people in Mellilia and in the town of Mogan (Las Palmas de Gran Canaria) for their «alleged ties to a terrorist organization of recruitment and indoctrination for terrorist purposes», said the Spanish police in a statement.

This operation was carried out thanks to the collaboration of the Moroccan General Directorate of Territorial Surveillance (DGST) and Europol, the source added.

Investigations started when counter-terrorism officers discovered the presence of a terrorist structure which has ramifications in several countries, Spanish police noted, adding that the cell «was ideologically linked to the terrorist organization of Al-Qaeda, whose ultimate goal is to impose an Islamic caliphate through Jihad».

The dismantled cell also tried to indoctrinate women with little religious training who are easily manipulated and influenced, the Spanish police pointed out.

Searches carried out at the homes of the suspects led to the seizure of electronic equipment, telephones and documents, which are being analyzed by the competent services, according to the same source.

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