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Morocco : Four people arrested in Dakhla for alleged links with irregular migration network

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Police services in the city of Dakhla arrested, Sunday morning, four individuals aged between 17 and 46 years for their alleged links with a criminal network operating in the organization of irregular migration and human trafficking.

The suspects were arrested in downtown Dakhla, said a statement from the National Police (DGSN), noting that the search operation revealed that they were involved in the organization of an illegal migration operation by sea, foiled Sunday morning, and also allowed the arrest of two would-be immigrants, aged 20 and 32, in a fishing village near Dakhla.

The search operation led to the seizure of a fishing boat linked to a tow vehicle, two outboard engines and several jerry cans containing 60 liters of fuel which was supposed to be used in this operation, the statement added.

The suspects were remanded in police custody and the minor was kept under police surveillance. The candidates for irregular migration underwent a judicial investigation carried out under the supervision of the competent public prosecutor's office to determine the ins and outs of this case and identify all the accomplices involved in this criminal network, the same source concluded.

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