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UN Secretary General urges the Polisario and its militia to leave Guerguerate

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The United Nations Secretary-General on Wednesday called upon the armed separatist group the Polisario and its militia once again to leave Guerguerate and not to obstruct regular civil and commercial traffic in this area.

«We recall that regular civil and commercial traffic must not be hampered (in Guerguerate) and that no measure must be taken which could represent a change of the status quo in the buffer zone» of Guerguerate, said Stephane Dujarric, spokesman for the UN Secretary-General, at his daily press briefing in New York.

The spokesperson deplored that the members of MINURSO noted this Wednesday that a group made up of «fifty individuals», belonging to the Polisario and its militia, were in Guerguerate and they «obstructed traffic in the region».

«We urge all the concerned parties to show restraint and take all necessary measures to ease tensions», Dujarric said.

He also said that MINURSO has mobilized «more of its elements this morning in the area to help ease any tension and unblock civil and commercial» traffic, adding that MINURSO will continue to closely monitor the situation.

The UN Chief had repeatedly ordered the Polisario and its militia to stop obstructing civil and commercial traffic in Guerguerat, including last September through his deputy spokesperson in New York.

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