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Moroccan ambassador Omar Hilale reelected vice-president of UNICEF Executive Board

Moroccan ambassador Omar Hilale. / DR
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The Group of African Ambassadors to the United Nations in New York unanimously elected, for a third consecutive year, the Permanent Representative of Morocco to the United Nations, Ambassador Omar Hilale, as Vice-President of the Executive Board of UNICEF.

This new election is a mark of confidence on the part of the ambassadors of the African Group in New York towards the Ambassador of the Kingdom, his dynamism within the Organization and his commitment to the cause of children, particularly since the United Nations Children's Fund plays an extremely crucial role in Africa, which is experiencing strong growth in its youth and child populations.

The five new members of the UNICEF Executive Board office for the year 2021, namely the ambassadors of Morocco, Lithuania, the Republic of Korea, Costa Rica and New Zealand, will assess UNICEF's response to the COVID-19 pandemic, make decisions to readjust the Agency's programs to overcome the impact of the pandemic on the realization of children's rights, and focus on the best actions that will rebuild a better and more resilient future for all the children of the world.

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