Arab Mathematical Olympiad : Morocco second with four medals

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Morocco ranked second with four medals, including a gold one, on Saturday during the second session of the Arab Mathematical Olympiad, organized by the Arab League of Educational, Cultural and Scientific organization (ALECSO).

In addition to the gold medal won by Aya Akerjout, Morocco also obtained two silver medals thanks to Mouad El Mouatassim and Mohamed Ayoub Mabtol, as well as a bronze medal won by Aymen Moutie, Alecso said in a statement.

This competition saw the participation of candidates from ten Arab countries, namely Tunisia, Morocco, Algeria, Palestine, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Lebanon, Mauritania, Egypt and Iraq.

With four medals, including one in gold, Morocco ranked second behind Saudi Arabia, first with two gold and two silver medals. Tunisia took third spot with one gold medal, one silver medal and one bronze medal, followed by Egypt with 3 medals, two silver medal and a bronze one.

Mauritania held the 5th place with a silver and a bronze medals, followed by Palestine, sixth with a silver medal, while Algeria, Jordan, Lebanon and Iraq got 2 bronze medals for each country, according to the Arab organization.

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