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Morocco's Abdelfettah Karmane wins two international medals for artistic work «El Guerrab»

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The plastic artist Abdelfettah Karmane has won two medals, a gold one and a silver one, awarded by the Grand Jury of «Mondial Art Academia» and by the «International Masters Watercolor Alliance» for his watercolor painting «The water carrier» (El Guerrab).

The awards, for which more than 1,100 watercolor artists from around the world were vying, is a recognition of his effective participation and his dedication to this kind of plastic art, said the artist.

«The water carrier» is a watercolor painting inspired by the human soul, identity and popular memory, which manifests itself through the different cultural aspects of the Moroccan-Andalusian heritage, he explained, noting that his deep emotions are transcribed on his canvas by brushstrokes representing antonyms between shadow and light, and darkness and lighting.

A native of Sidi Slimane and a graduate of the school of plastic arts in Rabat, with an experience of more than 36 years, the painter Abdelfettah Karmane has exhibited his pictorial works at national and international level, winning several titles, including 2 gold medals in Morocco, 4 in France and a silver medal in China.

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