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Casablanca : Olive tree planted to symbolize fraternity between Muslims and Jews

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Several Associative stakeholders, including Muslims and Jews, planted, Tuesday in Casablanca, an olive tree to reflect fraternity and peace between followers of the two monotheistic religions.

Through this symbolic action, which took place in the garden of the Casablanca Olympic Stadium (SOC), the club's president, Simon Pinto, the sports team and members of the «Marocains Pluriels» association celebrated the US decision to recognize Morocco's full sovereignty over its Sahara and the «reunion» between the Kingdom and the State of Israel.

«Today, we have seized a wonderful opportunity to plant this olive tree of Fraternity for Peace», Ahmed Ghayat, president of the association told MAP on the sidelines of the planting ceremony.

«Through our action, we want to show that our country puts into practice our heritage, our civilizational heritage. At the same time we are paving the way for the younger generations», Ghayat explained.

The event was attended by several artists, civil society figures, entrepreneurs as well as women and men of letters.

Members of the SOC club and of «Marocains Pluriels» join regularly forces and celebrate Muslim and Jewish holidays together.

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