Canada : Politician Donald Arseneault appointed Honorary Consul of Morocco in New Brunswick

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Canadian politician Donald Arseneault, appointed Honorary Consul of Morocco in Fredericton, New Brunswick. / DR
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Canadian politician Donald Arseneault has been appointed Honorary Consul of Morocco in Fredericton, New Brunswick (Eastern Canada), Morocco's Embassy in Ottawa announced.

«We look forward to further developing cooperation between Morocco and New Brunswick», Morocco's ambassador to Canada Souriya Otmani told MAP.

The new consul, who held several ministerial positions in New Brunswick, has 15 years of high-level experience in leading political affairs and relations with various stakeholders.

Since 2019, Arseneault has held the position of Director of Atlantic Strategies Inc, a company focused on business development, government relations, political affairs, and strategic and labor relations.

New Brunswick is home to a Moroccan community composed mainly of students from the University of Moncton, one of the largest in Canada.

The economy of New Brunswick, the only officially bilingual province in North America, is based on forestry resources, mining, fisheries as well as tourism.

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